Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Measurement Control Committee

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Measurement Control Committee, a subcommittee of the ASC N15 Measurement Control Committee, develops and reviews principal elements of a comprehensive measurement control program for analytical chemistry laboratories supporting the management of nuclear materials. It is currently under review and revision (2017).

In 2007, the Committee published ANSI N15.51-2007 Methods of Nuclear Material Control -- Measurement Control Program -- Nuclear Materials Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. This standard is a revision of ANSI N15.51-1990, which was reaffirmed in 1996.

From its inception in 1986, INMM 5.1 has been involved in the contributions to and the review of a series of documents describing the International Target Values (ITVs) for measurement uncertainties in safeguarding nuclear materials prepared under the cognizance of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

(The ITVs are the uncertainties to be considered in judging the reliability of analytical techniques applied to industrial nuclear and fissile material, which are subject to safeguards verification. The tabulated values represent estimates of the state of the practice, which ought to be achievable under routine measurement conditions. The latest ITV document was published in November 2010.)

Other INMM 5.1 efforts have been directed toward application and implementation of measurement control techniques in nuclear analytical chemistry laboratories.  The ASC N15 / INMM 5.1 Subcommittee routinely holds an annual meeting on Sunday  in conjunction with the INMM Annual Meeting held in July of each year, Contact the N5.1 Subcommittee Chair for additional information.

Dr. B. (Chino) Srinivasan, Chair
New Brunswick Laboratory