N15 Technical Standards Committee on Methods of Nuclear Material Control


ASC N15 is sponsored by the INMM and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain voluntary consensus standards for protection, control, and accounting of special nuclear materials in all phases of the nuclear fuel cycle, including analytical procedures where necessary and special to this purpose, except for physical protection of special nuclear material within a nuclear power plant. Its audience includes government and civilian nuclear facilities in the United States of America.

Standards Development for the American National Standards Institute

To maintain ANSI accreditation, N15 adheres to a set of procedures known as the "ANSI Essential Requirements" that govern the consensus development process. The intent is to ensure that standards are developed in an environment that is equitable, accessible, and responsive to the interests of all stakeholders. The open process ensures that all interested and affected parties have an opportunity to participate in a standard's development. The N15 Ballot Roster includes representatives of the United States regulatory agencies and of U.S. organizations with responsibilities for the control of nuclear materials, organizations developing related consensus standards, and 'members-at-large' with professional interest and experience in the control of nuclear materials.

The Committee welcomes the participation of people and organizations with a material interest in the protection, control, and accounting of nuclear materials at United States nuclear facilities. You may volunteer by attending the Committee's annual meeting (normally held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, held in July of each year) or by written request to the N15 committee officers, stating your direct and material interest, qualifications, and willingness to participate actively.