Taking the Long View 

Taking the Long View is published in each issue of the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management.  Click the title to read the column. 

Please Note: This column is intended to serve as a forum to present and discuss current strategic issues impacting the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management in the furtherance of its mission. The views expressed by the author are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute, but are intended to stimulate and encourage readers to actively participate in strategic discussions. Please provide your thoughts and ideas to the Institute’s leadership on these and other issues of importance. With your feedback we hope to create an environment of open dialogue, addressing the critical uncertainties that lie ahead for the world, and identify the possible paths to the future based on those uncertainties that can be influenced by the Institute. Jack Jekowski can be contacted at

Volume 47

Number 160 Years in the Making
Number 2Listening to Our Members and Advancing INMM’s Mission in the Midst of Global Turmoil
Number 3 - The New NNSA Strategic Vision to Modernize the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile

Volume 46

Number 1 - Living in Interesting Times​
Number 2Perhaps Not in My Lifetime
Number 4 - New Challenges for the Institute

Volume 45

Number 1 - Preparing for the Future
Number 2“That Will Never Happen” — The Power of Scenario Planning
Number 3 - Winds of Change
Number 4 - All Things Nuclear​

Volume 44

Number 1A World Full of Critical Uncertainties
Number 2Sometimes Life Seems Too Complicated
Number 3Rehearsing Possible Futures
Number 4 - A View from the International Community

Volume 43

Number 1Turning the Corner
Number 2International Collaborations Amid a 21st Century Test for Diplomacy
Number 3Making Sausage — A View into Creating the Annual Meeting Technical Program
Number 4Going Back to Our Roots — DOE's Nuclear Security Role