INMM Proceedings & Presentations

Annual Meeting Proceedings
The Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting Archive provides every paper presented at the annual meeting each year. It is the record of the information presented at the meeting and a valuable resource for anyone in the nuclear materials management world. INMM members have access to the full archive of the Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting. Non-members who registered for full meetings are able to access the proceedings for the years they attended; one-day registrants must purchase a subscription to access the proceedings. The archive is searchable by year, author, institution and keyword.

PATRAM Proceedings
The International Symposium on Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) brings together experts from government, industry and research organizations worldwide to exchange information on all aspects of packaging and transporting radioactive materials around the globe. The PATRAM Proceedings are the official records of the papers presented at PATRAM. These proceedings are freely available. No membership in INMM nor attendance at PATRAM is required.  The archive is searchable by year, author, institution and keyword.

Spent Fuel Seminars
INMM's Spent Fuel Seminars are held each January in the Washington, DC, USA, area and bring together experts from around the world to discuss issues related to the packaging, transportation and disposition of spent fuel. 

Other Workshops​