INMM Senior Member Criteria

Senior Membership is recognition by INMM of an individual's consistent and valued input into advancing the goals of the Institute. Unlike other INMM awards and recognitions, Senior Membership is only considered when an individual member applies for this honor: no nominations are accepted or sought.

We encourage you to apply for Senior Membership if you believe you meet the Senior Membership criteria, as set forth in the Institute's Bylaws. The following criteria are used to determine a Regular Member's eligibility for Senior Membership designation:
  • have been a Regular Member (not including student membership) of the INMM for at least 5 continuous years;
  • have been actively engaged professionally in nuclear materials management (temporary unemployment excepted); and,
  • have had at least 10 years of active experience in one or more nuclear materials management positions indicative of growth in competence and achievement. Graduation in an appropriate curriculum of an accredited educational institution approved by the Membership Committee shall be considered the equivalent of 4 years of the requisite 10 years of professional experience.
In addition to meeting all of the requirements of the Bylaws, advancement to the grade of Senior Member will be contingent upon the applicant meeting any additional requirements established by the Executive Committee and defined on the Senior Membership application and in the INMM Operations Manual.

The Membership Committee considers an applicant's contribution to INMM specific goals and programs. Because Senior Membership is regarded as an honor, participation in and support of INMM programs (INMM leadership positions, active INMM committee participation, and other Technical or Professional organizations related to the INMM mission) is looked upon favorably by the Committee when determining an applicant's eligibility.

The deadline for application for Senior Membership in INMM is April 15, 2019. If you meet the criteria above, I encourage you to submit a Senior Member application. Follow this link for the application for Senior Membership. You can also visit the INMM Web site to download the Senior Member application.

All new Senior Members will be officially recognized at the 60th Annual Meeting of the INMM, July 14-18, 2019, in Palm Dessert, California. I look forward to seeing you there.