INMM Approves Cyber/Physical Security Integration Committee

The INMM Executive Committee (EC) has approved a new ad-hoc committee entitled the “Cyber/Physical Security Integration Committee” in an effort to ensure the integration of cyber and cyber/physical security into all disciplines represented by the Institute.  

Consistent with INMM’s mission, this ad-hoc committee will coordinate with the six INMM technical divisions in service of INMM’s mission in support of the safe, secure and effective stewardship of nuclear materials and related technologies.

“The INMM has held special cybersecurity sessions in the past at the annual meeting, but we feel it’s time to put an emphasis on the topic and integrate it into our organizational structure,” said Cary Crawford, INMM Vice President. “The committee will be led by a subject matter expert fluent in both cybersecurity and nuclear materials management with the perspective necessary to integrate cybersecurity into all nuclear materials management topical areas.

“Over the last decade, the cyber threat has evolved to the point it has become ubiquitous. Beyond what industry and governments have already experienced, there is an ever growing potential to cause serious damage, and nuclear materials management is not exempt from this threat,” Crawford continued.

The committee will remain in effect until the EC feels that each division has created processes to ensure the topic has been embedded within each division for sustained activities. We will share more information with members as we move towards creating this committee and developing metrics for its success.