IAEA Extends Abstract Deadline for Symposium on International Safeguards to April 10

The abstract submission deadline for the IAEA's Symposium on International Safeguards: Building Future Safeguards Capabilities​ has been extended to April 10. The Symposium, which will take place  November 5-8, 2018, in Vienna, Austria, will look ahead to emerging technologies and innovative approaches with potential for strengthening and streamlining the implementation of safeguards, as well as exploration of partnerships and mechanisms of relevance going forward.

The IAEA holds a Symposium on International Safeguards every four years in order to engage the broader safeguards community in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities to strengthen the effectiveness of safeguards implementation. The symposium sessions will address four thematic areas, described below.

  1. Addressing emerging safeguards challenges
    The topics under this theme will look at a selected set of known challenges facing the safeguards community in the near term, including the potential impact on safeguards of advances and developments such as additive manufacturing, distributed supply chains, and transnational flows of goods and information.

  2. Leveraging technological advancements for safeguards application
    Topics include safeguards applications of advances in: artificial intelligence; analysis, integration and visualization of multi-source data; shared ledger technology; image processing; advanced analytics; robotics and lasers.

  3. Preparing for safeguards for new facilities, processes and campaigns
    Topics under this theme address safeguards considerations related to selected new reactor designs which are near the stage of commercial deployment, and to nuclear new builds, as well as safeguards challenges associated with increasing decommissioning activities and disposition of spent fuel and waste.

  4. Shaping the future of safeguards implementation
    The sessions under this theme will seek innovation in the day-to-day implementation of safeguards, looking at new ways of working smarter, streamlining and simplifying, building capabilities, resolving challenges and creating effective cooperation. The focus will be on innovation and improvement, involving all stakeholders and partners across a broad range of safeguards activities.

Guidance on the specific topics under each theme are elaborated in the online abstract submission system here.  Click here to visit the IAEA's Symposium website.