Interactive Closing Plenary Scheduled for INMM Annual Meeting

An expert panel of five widely respected speakers from across the globe will lead an interactive Closing Plenary July 26 at the 59th INMM Annual Meeting. The scope of the session, entitled “Global Nuclear Materials Stewardship Challenges,” is to identify what matters most to the INMM community, and how INMM should be planning to address priority topics in the long-term. Audience participation will be centered on three major questions:

  • What are the most important challenges/risks/threats facing the world related to nuclear proliferation and terrorist use of nuclear materials?
  • How can we improve implementation of existing initiatives (treaties, policies, cooperative measures, technology development, etc.) to reduce nuclear threats while supporting peaceful uses of nuclear materials?
  • How can INMM better support the technical and policy community addressing these challenges?

Please make plans to attend as it will prove to be insightful to the future of the INMM and the nuclear materials management profession. The prestigious panel will consist of:

  • Dr. Jacque Baute, Director, Division of Information Management, Department of Safeguards, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Dr. Bassam Abdullah Ayed Khuwaileh, Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering Program, University of Sharja
  • Mitsuo Koizumi, Manager of Technology Development Promotion Office of Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security of the Japan Energy Atomic Agency
  • Sonia Fernández-Moreno, Planning and Evaluation Officer, Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials
  • Julie Oddou, Head of the Committee Technique Euratom, Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA, French Atomic Energy Commission).