INMM Seeks Chair Applicants for Cyber/Physical Security Integration Committee

The INMM has opened a search for the chair of the newly created Cyber/Physical Security Integration Committee. The new Committee is a temporary, ad-hoc committee responsible for working with all INMM Technical Divisions and the Technical Division Oversight Chair to integrate cyber- and cyber-physical security into pertinent areas of Nuclear Materials Management.  For more information on the committee, click here.
The Chair of the Cyber/Physical Security Integration Committee represents the committee to the INMM Executive Committee (EC), initiates Committee business and sets its agenda, organizes the Committee, and provides leadership. The Chair is appointed by and serves the EC. The Cyber/Physical Integration Committee is an ad-hoc committee within the scope of the INMM Technical Division Oversight Chair.
The Chair provides written summary status reports and recent activities to the EC three times a year throughout the lifetime of the committee; the July report is included in the INMM report to the membership. The Chair is expected to attend the scheduled meetings of the EC in March, July, and November of each year as well as the Technical Program Committee meeting in conjunction with the March EC meeting. The Chair works closely with INMM Headquarters and serves in a critical advisory capacity. The Committee works closely with other units of INMM, specifically with the Technical Divisions. In addition to these responsibilities, the Chair of the Cyber/Phyiscal Integration Committee oversees committee and staff work related to elements of INMM’s Strategic Plan.

Primary Duties:

  • Coordinate with Technical Division Chairs to identify cyber- and cyber-physical security topics that impact each Technical Division

  • As appropriate, prepare written products (e.g. for the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management, INMM Communicator, etc.) to further advance the findings of the committee and raise awareness to the Institute

  • Promote participation in the INMM from under-represented subject matter experts supporting the various technical divisions

  • Develop and support appropriate topical workshops relative to integrating cyber- and cyber-physical security into the various technical divisions

  • Work with each Technical Division to establish a sustainable structure and appropriate practices that fully integrate the pertinent cyber- and cyber-physical security topics associated with that technical division

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with organizations outside of the Institute and facilitate, in coordination with the technical division chairs, such opportunities (e.g., co-sponsored workshops or sessions, expertise exchanges, etc.)

Primary Interfaces

  • Executive Committee Members

  • Technical Division Oversight Chair

  • Technical Division Chairs

  • Technical and Standing Committee Chairs

  • INMM Headquarters staff

Interested candidates should submit their resume, an expression of interest, and their vision for the position to INMM Headquarters by April 24, 2018.