INMM Honors Four with Institute Awards

One company and three individuals were honored with awards at the 59th INMM Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 
The Charles. E. Pietri Special Service Award, which recognizes individuals or organizations who have made a specific, noteworthy contribution to the Institute, was presented to Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL). 

JNFL Managing Executive Officer Junichi Ishihara accepts the award
JNFL Managing Executive Officer Junichi Ishihara speaks after accepting the Special Service Award. 

JNFL was first established in 1980 as Japan Nuclear Fuels Limited to develop commercial-scale enrichment, reprocessing and fuel fabrication for the Japanese Federation of Electric Power Companies.  JNFL has taken responsibility since its inception for the unique role that Japan plays in the field of international safeguards by having a full nuclear fuel cycle, has contributed both financially and operationally to meet international safeguards goals, and has a long history of pioneering advanced safeguards technology for use in their facilities and transfer to the international regime.  Many of the safeguards developments in Japan have been adapted by the IAEA for use in other member states.

Three individuals were honored with the Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes individuals who have made long-term, noteworthy contributions to the nuclear materials management profession.  Eligible candidates are not required to be INMM members, but are expected to be internationally recognized for their contributions to nuclear materials management.
Awards were presented to Dr. Stephen Croft, Dr. Robert McElroy and Alejandro Jaime Vidaurre-Henry.

Distinguished Service Award Winner Stephen Croft accepts the award from INMM President Corey Hinderstein. 

Stephen Croft has made many technical contributions to passive and active neutron assay, waste assay, safeguards, criticality, and security systems.  His theoretical analytical skills have resulted in advancing the capabilities and reducing the uncertainties in instruments and measurement algorithms for advanced neutron and gamma-ray NDA systems.   Dr. Croft is the Chair of the INMM’s NDA Working Group, a member of the ESARDA and DOE NDA Working Groups, and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. 

INMM President Corey Hinderstein with Distinguished Service Award Winner Robert McElroy

Robert McElroy is an expert in the design of passive and active neutron counting instruments, combined neutron and gamma counting instruments, and Hybrid k-edge systems.  His expertise spans design, testing, troubleshooting and installation of NDA systems in large scale commercial nuclear facilities and he has a long history of external collaborations, demonstrating his desire to push science forward.  Dr. McElroy’s applies his expertise in support of nuclear facilities and nuclear material management activities around the world.

Honoree Alejandro Jaime Vidaurre-Henry speaks after receiving the Distinguished Service Award, as INMM Vice President Cary Crawford looks on.

Alejandro Jaime Vidaurre-Henry is an expert in international safeguards, having worked for 28 years in the IAEA Department of Safeguards, various other organizations and most recently in the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.  His contributions to the field have ranged from safeguards inspection activities to training in all phases of international safeguards for IAEA staff members and member states representatives.  As an invited researcher in the Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security of the JAEA, he made significant contributions to safeguards in East Asian countries, including the development of the Handbook of International Nuclear Safeguards.
Congratulations to the award winners.