JNMM Book Reviews

Each issue of the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management include a book review. Click the title of a book to read the review.
Do you have ideas for a book JNMM should review? Books should have been published within the previous 24 months to be considered. Contact us at to suggest a title. Please include the author's name with your suggestions.

Volume 47

Number 1Preventing Black-Market Trade in Nuclear Technology, edited by Matthew Bunn, Martin B. Malin, William C. Potter, Leonard S. Spector
Number 3Doomed to Cooperate, edited by Siegfried S. Hecker

Volume 46

Number 1The Neutron’s Long Shadow, by Martin Miller
Number 2Analytical Methods for Nonproliferation, by Edward C. Morse
Number 4 - Insider Threats, edited by Mathew Bunn and Scott Sagan

Volume 45

Number 1 Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War, by Susan Southard
Number 2The New Nuclear Forensics, edited by Vitaly Fedchenko
Number 3The EU and the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, edited by Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis, and Clara Portela
Number 4 - The Case for U.S. Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century, by Brad Roberts

Volume 44

Number 1Command and Control, by Eric Schlosser
Number 2The North Korean Nuclear Weapons Crisis, by Jina Kim
Number 3Building the H Bomb: A Personal History, by Kenneth W. Ford
Number 4Longing for the Bomb Oak Ridge and Atomic Nostalgia, by Lindsay A. Freeman

Volume 43

Number 1A History of U.S. Nuclear Testing and Its Influence on Nuclear Thought, 1945–1963, by David M. Blades and Joseph M. Siracusa
Number 2Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster, by David Lochbaum, Edwin Lyman, Susan Q. Stranahan, and the Union of Concerned Scientists
Number 3 - Arms for Uncertainty Nuclear Weapons in U.S. and Russian Security Policy, by Stephen J. Cimbala
Number 4North Korean Nuclear Operationality, edited by Gregory J. Moore