Nuclear Materials Management Events

A listing of events in nuclear materials management and related fields.

Annual Meeting
The INMM Annual Meeting is the centerpiece of INMM's program year. Join your colleagues from around the globe for this rich educational and networking event.

Policy and Technical Fundamentals of International Nuclear Safeguards Workshop
This four-hour workshop will be held July 22, 2018, in conjunction with the 2018 INMM Annual Meeting.

Nuclear Materials Science, Processing and Signature Discovery Workshop
Being held May 1-2, 2018, this will be the first event in the new Discovery Hall on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Campus.

Spent Fuel Management Seminar
The INMM Spent Fuel Seminar is presented each year by the Packaging, Transportation and Disposition Technical Division with co-sponsorship from related organizations. Make plans to attend the 2019 Seminar, scheduled for January 22-24, 2019, at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town
in Alexandria, Virginia USA.

The Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials Symposium -- PATRAM -- is a triennial event, held alternatively in the United States, and Europe or Asia, brings together the leaders in the field. When held in the U.S., INMM hosts this event. The next PATRAM is planned for August 4-9, 2019 in New Orleans! Mark your calendar! 

Proceedings & Presentations
You will find links to the Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting, the Proceedings of PATRAM, and presentations from INMM's Spent Fuel Seminar and many of our past workshops all in this one convenient location.