Privacy Policy

Policy Approved: July 2006
Last Revision Date: May 2018
Next Review Date: December 2021

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) acknowledges that it collects individuals’ contact information when they become members of INMM (“members”) and/or register for INMM courses and meetings (“participants”). This information is the property of the individual and is stored in INMM’s secure database. INMM is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its members and participants, and adheres to the following information-sharing policies:

  • INMM may use collected information for internal marketing purposes and to distribute institute news to members and others. INMM may use members’ e-mail addresses or contact information to forward broadcast information about INMM news and activities. All e-mail messages created and distributed by INMM include “unsubscribe” instructions.
  • INMM may release member or participant e-mail addresses or other contact information to exhibitors at the INMM Annual Meeting. INMM also compiles and distributes a record of all participants. Otherwise, INMM does not release member or participant information.
  • INMM maintains the right to contact any individual INMM member at any time regarding membership renewals and benefits as well as changes to the membership agreement and other membership issues.
  • INMM does not collect personal information from visitors to INMM’s Website, except for basic Internet Protocol addresses that INMM staff may track for internal analysis of site use. INMM reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy as required by the Institute and member needs.

INMM abides by governmental worldwide privacy policies.