General Information
Types of Membership
Grades of Membership
Resignation, Reinstatement and Expulsion of Members

General Information

INMM members are those members who are in good standing, having paid the current fiscal year October 1-September 30) dues. Prospective members should complete the online application on the INMM website. Chapter membership does not necessarily require INMM membership, but is highly recommended in order to participate fully in INMM activities. Contact your professional or student chapter for their membership requirements. Membership dues for each INMM year is due and payable in October.

Individual membership in the organization is open to those who are active in nuclear materials management and related fields and who have an interest in advancing the objectives of the organization.

Any reputable firm, association, institution, or corporation, or subdivision of any such, may become a Sustaining Member of the INMM under the conditions and with the rights specified in the Bylaws. 


Admission to the INMM is open for Regular Members, Student Members, or Sustaining Members. Fellow and Senior Member grades and Emeritus membership may be attained only by advancement from Regular Member upon application or nomination.

A candidate for admission must file a completed application form accompanied by the current membership fee. The application will be considered by the Membership Committee. Upon acceptance of the application by the Membership Committee, the applicant will be notified by have their name recorded on the roll of members. The membership fee submitted with the application is considered as payment of dues for the year during which the application was accepted. In the event the application was accepted between July 1 and September 30, the fee will be considered as payment of dues for the remainder of the current year and for the year following.

If an application for admission is rejected by the Membership Committee, the applicant will be informed of the reason(s) for the rejection and the membership fee returned to the applicant. Applicants may re-apply to correct the identified deficiencies or appeal the decision of the Membership Committee to the Executive Committee, which has the final decision regarding admission.


The Executive Committee establishes dues for the various grades of membership and procedures for billing and collection. Current dues structure can be found here.

Types of Memberships
Regular Member

In general, members are admitted to the INMM as regular members and must have a bachelor's or higher degree in a subject relevant to nuclear materials management; employed in a position related to the management of nuclear materials; or engaged in the practice of nuclear materials management long enough to have demonstrated competence and understanding of a professional nature. Regular members have voting privileges.


Student Member

Student Membership is intended for individuals who are enrolled as full-time students and do not have full-time employment. In exceptional cases and on recommendation of the Membership Committee, these requirements may be waived by action of the Executive Committee. Student members do not have voting privileges.

Emeritus Member

Any Regular Member in good standing who is no longer gainfully employed, through retirement or other cause, may apply for transfer to Emeritus Member by submitting a request in writing to the INMM Secretary. Emeritus Members have voting privileges and may serve in any elected office or appointed position.


Sustaining Member

Sustaining Member are organizations and not individuals. Sustaining Members each designate one individual who carries full rights as a Regular Member; all other members of the Sustaining Member’s organization may attend INMM-sponsored events at a reduced registration fee but do not have other rights of Regular Members. The Executive Committee recognizes Sustaining Members at the Annual Business Meeting conducted during the Annual Meeting.


Honorary Member

The Executive Committee has the exclusive authority to grant Honorary Membership, and recommendations may be made to the Executive Committee by any Member. Honorary Members are not assessed dues. They may attend INMM-sponsored events at a reduced registration fee but do not have other rights of Regular Members. To nominate an Honorary Member, please contact INMM Headquarters.

Grades of Membership

Senior Member

Members of the INMM may apply for the grade of Senior Member at any time upon becoming eligible. To qualify as for Senior Membership, members must have been a Regular Member for at least 5 years and had at least 10 years of active experience in one or more nuclear materials management positions indicative of growth in competence and achievement. The application form is available here.

Fellow Member

The grade of Fellow may be attained only by advancement from the grade of Senior Member, and may only be achieved after a nomination. Nominees must also have established a specific track record of achievement over at least 15 years of active employment in the profession. There is no self-application process. Information regarding nomination for advancement to the grade of Fellow is available here.

Resignation, Reinstatement and Expulsion of Members

Memberships of all types and grades are subject to resignation, reinstatement, and expulsion. For detailed information about these processes, please refer to the bylaws or contact INMM Headquarters.  In accordance with the Institute’s Respectful Behavior Policy, the Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate membership and revoke a member’s status if that individual is exhibiting behaviors contrary to the Institute’s governing policies.