Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the INMM, and has full authority and responsibility for the supervision, control and direction of the INMM in accordance with the Bylaws. All members are volunteers, serving in their individual capacities, and are not compensated.

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and 4 Members-at-large elected from the membership.  The President of the INMM is the Chair of the Executive Committee.

For more information about the Executive Committee and its responsibilities and functions, refer to the bylaws or contact INMM Headquarters.

The Executive Committee has the primary responsibility for conducting the business of the INMM, including:

a.  Maintaining an INMM Operations Manual.
b.  Providing financial oversight and act as the Financial/Internal Review Committee for the INMM.
c.  Maintaining the minutes of all meeting proceedings.
d.  Interpreting and executing the provisions of the Bylaws and the INMM Operations Manual.
e.  Filling any vacancy in any office of the INMM or Executive Committee except that of President.
f.  Selecting and appointing a Statutory Agent with a business address in the state in which the INMM is incorporated.
g.  Establishing and dissolving committees as may be appropriate for conducting INMM business.
h.  Selecting and appointing the Chairs of all Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees. No member of the Executive Committee shall be the Chair of a Standing or Ad-Hoc Committee.
i.  Reviewing and approving all Chapter Bylaws.
j.  Preparing an Annual Report to the Membership.