INMM History

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management was founded in May 1958. The first INMM Annual Meeting was held the next year. Since then, the Institute and the INMM Annual Meeting have grown tremendously. The Institute encompasses the entirety of the nuclear materials management profession. In its 59th year, the Institute includes six technical divisions and professional chapters in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Institute's student chapters outnumber the professional chapters. And the Institute continues to grow.

INMM has been instrumental in promoting excellence in nuclear materials management around the world through its own activities and educational programs,  helping establish the World Institute of Nuclear Security, cosponsoring workshops with other nuclear materials management organizations, and its awards and recognition programs.

Read more about INMM's history in these three articles published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management on INMM's 50th anniversary. See the roster of INMM Past Presidents.

The INMM’s First Twenty-Five Years
John L. Jaech
INMM President, 1983–1984

Historical Perspective of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
By Vince DeVito INMM Secretary, 1973–2008

Reflections on the Past and Future of INMM
Ed Johnson
INMM Chair, 1965-1966

50th Anniversary Reflections
Yvonne M. Ferris
INMM President, 1985–1986