Southeast Chapter - Tribute to Jeff Jay

Jeff Jay, an indefatigable contributor to the INMM Education, Strategic Planning, and Technical Program initiatives, passed away in August 2014. Jeff was also Past President of the Southeast Chapter and a contributor to the founding of the Facility Operations Technical Division.

Jeff probably owns the longest professional profile in LinkedIn history. Browsing through his 40+ years of achievements, memberships, certifications and other contributions to people and organizations, you’ll find it surprising (or maybe not) that this energetic, passionate 62 year old visionary still saw himself with a 20 year plan – just on the cusp on the next series of breakthroughs. He embodied a quote from French author, Andre Gide, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Jeff was a man of courage, optimism and inspiration whose light was infectious and wide-spread, nationally and inter-nationally.

Jeff truly cared about and engaged people – young or old, whether it was with those he worked with regularly, or whether it was his first time meeting them. He saw the great potential in the creativity, energy, and fresh perspective of young adults; he made it a point to regularly engage these individuals to help develop their careers. It is believed that this is what kept him so young.

Jeff loved life and always enjoyed new experiences – whether that came in the form of his first shot of Goldschlager one New Years, outwitting you in a game of poker, or keeping things so fresh and so clean with his fashionable wardrobe. Jeff brought smiles and laughter to many. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. The light he brought to this world will now be carried on by those he inspired and loved.