Charles E. Pietri Special Service Award

This award, previously known as the Special Service Award, was renamed in honor of Charles E. Pietri in 2011. Charles Pietri served as chair of the Technical Program Committee for more than 25 years.

2018 Japan Nuclear Fuels Limited
2012 Yvonne Ferris, Dennis Mangan
2011 Charles E. Pietri

Special Service Awards

2011 World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Coordinating Committee
2011 The Brazillian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC)
2010 William S. Charlton
2008 International Safeguards Project Office, Brookhaven National Laboratory
2007 Shirley O. Cox
2006 Connie P. Hall
2006 Leroy (Lee) Leonard
2005 Norbert Ensslin, Special Service Award
2005 Jerry Johnson, Special Service Award
2004 James Tape, Special Service Award
2003 Russian Methodological and Training Center
1999 Aquila Technologies Group International
1997 Vincent J. DeVito - Career Service Award
1997 Sam McDowell - Career Service Award
1994 Nuclear Material Control Center of Japan
1990 Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. (PNC) of Japan
1982 E.R. Johnson Associates - In Appreciation
1978 Tri-State Motor Transit Company