Early Career Award

The Early Career Award recognizes members of the INMM who are 35 years of age or younger (as of the date of the nomination deadline) and who have made a singular outstanding achievement or a series of notable achievements in an area of nuclear materials management relevant to the Institute and its technical divisions. Candidate’s notable achievement must not be related to work performed in pursuit of an academic degree. In the case of a series of achievements, work related to a degree may be considered. The notable achievement or series of achievements must be accomplished by the nominee while a member of the Institute. The nominee must be the sole or main contributor to the notable achievement. Candidates must not have already been a recipient of the Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award or the Edway R. Johnson Meritorious Service Award. Eligible candidates are required to be active members in good standing of the Institute.

2019 Zoe Gastelum, Justin Reed
2017 Andreas Enqvist
2016 Katherine Bachner, Shaun Clarke, Adrienne LaFleur
2015 Louise Worrall
2014 Karen Miller
2013 Corey Hinderstein