Why should attend the 58th INMM Annual Meeting?

Here’s how last year’s meeting participants* describe the INMM Annual Meeting:

  • "Incredible collection of relevant presentations, posters and exhibitions."

  • "Good profile of global nuclear technology, organizations and issues."

  • "A great opportunity to meet U.S. and international technical colleagues and get up to date on new ideas and developments."

  • "Excellent place to build existing contacts and develop new ones. Many interesting presentations."

  • "Provides technical expertise for safeguards as well as the opportunity to network with peers and experts in the field."

  • "Outstanding opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with members, students and guests."

  • "It is an excellent opportunity to understand the nuclear materials management topic area from a variety of professional standpoints: academic, policy, programmatic, cultural. Well worth attending."

  • "Excellent forum for presentation of accomplishments and a very good avenue to interact with other nuclear professionals."

  • "It’s a great opportunity to meet colleagues from the nuclear field to exchange experience and consider joint projects."

  • "You will get the full spectrum of opinions, including the view from other countries, on a given policy topic in one place and be able to discuss that topic in detail with people who think on and study that topic all the time."

  • "Take full advantage - you get out of it what you put into it."
*These are comments from the post-meeting attendee survey for the 2016 INMM Annual Meeting.