The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management

INMM Vision

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management will be the leading international professional society for the stewardship of nuclear materials and related technologies to enhance global security.

INMM Mission

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management is dedicated to the safe, secure and effective stewardship of nuclear materials and related technologies through the advancement of scientific knowledge, technical skills, policy dialogue, professional capabilities, and best practices.

About Nuclear Materials Management and INMM

Nuclear materials management involves the production, use, storage, transport, handling, protection, accounting and other essential aspects involved with the essential elements of the civilian nuclear fuel cycle, most notably, uranium and plutonium.

INMM is a nonprofit technical organization with worldwide membership of engineers, scientists, technicians, managers, policymakers, analysts, commercial vendors, educators, and students.  The Institute promotes leading research and development as well as the practical application of new concepts, approaches, techniques and equipment for managing nuclear materials.  The INMM is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) with the responsibility for two major standards committees related to nuclear materials, N14 and N15. As a fundamentally technically-focused organization, the INMM is an invaluable resource for expert assessments and consultation.

INMM is dedicated to the professional quality, ethics, and advancement of its membership. The INMM was formed in 1958, and has since grown to a membership of over 1000. It hosts an Annual Meeting in July, which draws a wide attendance for key plenary talks, many sessions of contributed technical presentations, commercial exhibitors, and numerous opportunities for related side meetings. The Institute also sponsors a variety of topical meetings throughout the year. The INMM publishes the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management quarterly, featuring refereed, scholarly articles from its membership.

The INMM comprises six technical divisions, each covering a major dimension of the overall nuclear materials management domain:

The INMM also has a growing network of professional and student chapters that afford its membership many further opportunities to stay engaged and connected. The INMM is governed by an all-volunteer Executive Committee, supported by several standing committees, and operated by a professional headquarters staff. 

Our Presence is Global 

INMM has members in more than 30 countries on six continents. The Institute supports 41 professional and student chapters in 14 countries.

Who should join INMM?

INMM offers memberships for professionals, students and organizations. Our members develop policies and procedures for the management and protection of nuclear materials, and are involved in the development, teaching, and application of related technologies.

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