Technical Division Meetings

Sunday, July  16, from 2 – 5 p.m.

INMM is composed of six Technical Divisions: Facility Operations, International Safeguards, Materials Control and Accountability, Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Nuclear Security and Physical Protection, and Packaging, Transportation and Disposition. Each Technical Division is the focal point for information and activities related to its specialty. Each Technical Division will meet on Sunday, July  16, from 2 – 5 p.m. Division meetings are open to all annual meeting participants and it is anticipated that each participant will have an interest in one or more of these technical areas. This is an ideal time to become better acquainted with technical issues and with key people in each of these areas.

Facility Operations

The Facility Operations Technical Division continued developing the organization and interest for this Technical Division throughout the past year. The chairs for the subcommittees will again present a briefing and/or discussion about their subcommittees and encourage participation from others with common interests. We will also have guest speakers. Annual meeting participants with an interest in fuel cycle and facilities and operations involved with nuclear materials are encouraged to attend this year’s meeting to share best practices and challenges in domestic and international, commercial and government facilities and operations. Additional invitations will be sent to members soliciting participation for the Technical Division Meeting as well as the annual meeting.

Morris Hassler, Chair
Y-12 National Security Complex

Ben Watts, Deputy Chair
Tetra Tech HEI

International Safeguards

The International Safeguards Division (ISD) meeting will feature an informal discussion of current topics of interest in international safeguards and informal reports on recent safeguards developments by participants from around the world. The International Safeguards sessions in the annual meeting technical program will be introduced and INMM developments of interest to participants will be reported.

Michael Whitaker, Chair
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gotthard Stein, Deputy Chair

Materials Control and Accountability

The Materials Control and Accountability (MC&A) Technical Division provides interested individuals an opportunity to hear and share updates about MC&A-related issues from a variety of international perspectives. The meeting will also include informal discussions about policies, best practices, measurements, standards, areas for involvement, and the opportunity to provide input to the future direction of the MC&A Technical Division. In addition, there will be two concurrent meetings Sunday morning. The Nondestructive Assay Users Group and the Destructive Assay Users Group will each meet from 10 a.m. – noon to focus on recent trends and best practices in their respective areas.

Thomas Grice, Chair
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Phil Gibbs, Deputy Chair
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nonproliferation and Arms Control

The Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technical Division (NAC) will host informal discussions on high-profile issues related to nuclear nonproliferation and arms control. A more detailed agenda will be available a few weeks before the meeting – please see the INMM website for details. We are particularly interested to hear views on possible new efforts that will continue to support international security goals and objectives. Our meeting is open to all who are interested, and is a good opportunity to engage technical and policy professionals with a broad range of interests. Please join us!

Mona Dreicer, Chair
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nina Rosenberg, Deputy Chair
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Nuclear Security and Physical Protection

Sunday, July 16, 2017
2 – 5 p.m.

The planned agenda for the Nuclear Security and Physical Protection Technical Division meeting will center on a presentation and demonstration of the NNSA Global Material Security Alarm Response Training Tabletop Exercise, which serves as part of a related three-day program. It is intended to serve as a capstone for classroom training, which couples with the students own tactics, techniques and procedures that allows them to better prepare for an attack on their facility and to protect their radiological materials.

This tabletop exercise combines subject matter expertise with cutting-edge technology. This technology enables the use of pre and post CCTV footage, allows the responders to position their personnel on an on screen floorplan of the facility under attack. The Tabletop incorporates all stakeholders to include the Radiation Safety Officer, on-site security, local law enforcement and third party alarm monitoring companies. The presentation / demonstration will include technology facilitation and attendee participation. The NSPP Technical Division will also present and discuss planning efforts for a projected Vulnerability Assessment Workshop in the latter months of 2017. Additional topics may be added, depending on speaker availability.

Tom Bonner, Chair
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Felicia Durán, Deputy Chair
Sandia National Laboratory

K.J. Maddux, Deputy Chair
Y-12 National Security Complex

Packaging, Transportation and Disposition

  • Welcome and Introductions – Jeff England
  • Invited Speaker Presentations - John J Miller, International Isotopics
  • Planning for the INMM 33rd Spent Fuel Management
    Seminar – Jeff England and Bradley Loftin
  • Planning for PATRAM 2019 – Jeff England

Jeff England, Chair
Savannah River National Laboratory

Robert Watkins, Deputy Chair
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions