Pacific Northwest International Conference
on Global Nuclear Security - the Decade Ahead
Portland, Oregon
April 11-16, 2010

Session 1
New Directions in Nonproliferation
Chair: R. Hooper

Information Driven Safeguards
M. Barletta (IAEA)
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Next Generation Safeguards InitiativeProgress in FY09 and Policy Priorities for FY10
D. Lockwood (NNSA)
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Industry GovernanceSelf Regulation to Address Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security
G. Hund (PNNL)
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Strengthening Nonproliferation through mInternational Engagement
M. Mallin (NNSA)
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Session 2
New Directions in Disarmament
Chair: V. Reis

Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Weapons & Proliferation: An integrated Approach for the Obama Administration
V. Reis (DOE)
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Progress and Next Steps Toward Strengthening Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament Regimes - Expanded Cooperation with NPT Nuclear Weapons States
L. Williams (PNNL)

Radionuclide Environmental Sampling and Analysis Factors for OSI Under the CTBT
N. Wogman (PNNL)
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Session 3
New Directions in Export Control
Chair: W. Sansot

Nuclear Trade in the 21st Century - The Export Control Regime of 2010 and Directions for the Future
C. Kessler (NorthRaven Consulting)
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Post A.Q.Khan Era: Character of Current Nuclear Black Market and Countermeasures
Z. Jiadong (Fudan University)
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Trade Analysis and Safeguards
R. Chatelus (IAEA)
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The New Face of Illicit Trafficking Networks
A. Nilsen (NNSA)
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Life Extension of a Nuclear Facility: Export Control Implications
H. Kerchner (PNNL)
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Session 4
Enhanced Information Analysis Methods
Chair: M. Barletta

Open Source Information Collection, Analysis, and Integration in the IAEA Departments of Safeguards
M. Barletta (IAEA)
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Artificial Neural Network for Arms Control and the Verification of Treaty Accountable Items
D. Butcher (AWE)

Assessing State Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Using Bayesian Network Analysis of Social Factors
J. Olson (PNNL)
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3D Small Interactive Models to Facilitate and Enhance Nuclear Facility Systems Knowledge
K. Michel (LANL)
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Session 5
Advancements in Measurement Technologies
Chair: S. Srivastava

Industrial Standardization of Nuclear Security and Safeguards Instrumentation
M. Koskelo (Aquila)
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Y-12 Nuclear Detection and Sensor Testing Center
C. Hull (Y-12)

Progress Towards Deployable Antineutrino Detectors for Reactor Safeguards
N. Bowden (LLNL)
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Recent Progress in the Development of Lead Slowing-Down Spectroscopy for Direct Measurement of Pu in Spent Fuel
E. Smith (PNNL)
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Session 6
Advancements in Safeguards at Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants
Chair: C. Bathke

Defining the Need for GCEP Advanced Safeguards
B. Boyer (LANL)
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Safeguards Guidance for Designers of Commercial Nuclear Facilities- International Safeguards Requirements for Uranium Enrichment Plants
P. Durst (INL Contractor)
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Next Steps in Global UF6 Cylinder Monitoring
J. White (ORNL)
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Unattended Environmental Sampling and Laserbased Enrichment Assay for Detection of Undeclared HEU Production in Enrichment Plants
N. Anheier (PNNL)
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Session 7
Field Trials at Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants
Chair: B. Boyer

Potential Applications for Shared-Use Instrumentation at UF6 Enrichment Plants B. McGinnis (ORNL)
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Improving Accuracy and Reliability of 186-keV Measurements for Unattended Enrichment Monitoring
K. Ianakiev (LANL)
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Preliminary Results from a Field Trial of the Radio Frequency Based Cylinder Accountability and Tracking System at the Global Nuclear Fuel Americas Fuel Fabrication Facility
J. Younkin (ORNL)
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Session 8
International Perspectives on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards, and Security
Education Programs
Chair: H. Hall

Educational Programme In Nuclear Security
A. Braunegger-Guelich (IAEA)
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The European Safeguards Research and Development Association Addresses Education
D. Dickman (PNNL)
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International Internships in Nuclear Safeguards and Security: Challenges and Successes
C. Heinberg (PNNL)
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Establishing Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Studies at Russian Universities: CNS Experience in Cooperative Efforts
E. Sokova (MIIS)
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Session 9
Process Monitoring Enhancements
Chair: I. Therios

Design Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Real Time Process Monitoring in a Future Recycling Facility
P. Murray (AREVA)
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Monitoring and Accountancy Measures for a MOX Purification Process
S. Koo (University of South CarolinaStudent)
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Authentication and Interpretation of Weight Data Collected from Accountability Scales at Global Nuclear Fuels
N. Rowe (ORNL)
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A Method to Continuously Monitor U-235 Mass Flow Rate with Safeguards Applications
T. Uckan (ORNL)
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Using Social Media to Promote Nonproliferation Objectives
J. Olson (PNNL)
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Session 10
Moving Towards Safeguards by Design
Chair: T. Bjornard

Program Plan for Institutionalizing Safeguards by Design
S. DeMuth (LANL)
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SBD Lessons Learned from DOE Experience Integrating Safety into Design
J. Hockert (PNNL)
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Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Safeguards: Developing New Approaches using Safeguards By Design
B. Boyer (LANL)
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Shaping Safeguards-by-Design in Response to Industry Comments
M. Zentner (PNNL)
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Session 11
Nonproliferation Modeling and Analysis
Chair: C. Kessler

Economic and Nonproliferation Analysis Framework for Assessing Reliable Nuclear Fuel Service Arrangements
J. Phillips (PNNL)
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Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection Evaluation
R. Bari (BNL)
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Evolution of International Safeguards: Past, Present, and Projected Facilities, Material, and Budget
L. Kollar (Purdue UniversityStudent)
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Redundancy of Supply in the International Nuclear Fuel Market
A. Seward (PNNL)
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Session 12
Infrastructure Development in Advance of Introducing Nuclear Power
Chair: S. Frazar

Integrating Domestic and International Safeguards in Emerging Nuclear Power States
F. Morris (PNNL)
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The Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute: An Integrated Approach to Safety, Security, and Safeguards
A. Williams (SNL)
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Safeguards Infrastructure Training for the Middle East
P. Lynch (ORNL)
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Nuclear Energy Program: A Model for the 21st Century?
A. Hayman (University of WashingtonStudent)
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Session 13
International Perspectives on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards, and Security
Education Programs
Chair: M. Killinger

Lessons Taught and Lessons Learned in the Swedish Program to Improve Education in Nuclear Non-Proliferation in Former Soviet Union
S. Anderson (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)
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China Export Control and Nonproliferation Education Program: 2010 Status and Path Forward
M. Leek (PNNL)
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Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Security: A Growing Emphasis at the University of Tennessee
H. Hall (University of Tennessee)
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Developing the Next Generation of Safeguards Experts and the National Laboratories
J. Reed (LLNL)
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Session 14
Nonproliferation Challenges
Chair: F. Morris

Defining and Measuring Safeguards Culture
S. Frazar (PNNL)
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Multinational Approach Focusing on North Korea's Nuclear Ambition
S. Choi (Seoul National UniversityStudent)
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Assessing the Institution of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
C. Toomey (PNNL)
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Session 15
Safeguards by Design II
Chair: M. Schanfein

Implementing The Safeguards By Design Process
J. Morgan (ORNL)
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Commercial Viability of Mixed Oxide Fuel Transport in the United States
F. Yapunich (AREVA)
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The Use of Innovative Designs to Provide Enhanced Proliferation Security in a Modern Used Nuclear Fuel Recycling Facility
S. Arm (Energy Solutions)
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Implementing Safeguards-By-Design: A Review Prior to the Final Design Phase On the Uranium Processing Facility Project in Oak Ridge, TN
J. Long (Y-12)
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Closing Remarks
Pacific Northwest International Conference on Global Nuclear Security-the Decade Ahead
Thomas A. Wuchte (U.S. Department of State)
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