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Welcome to the Fall 2011 Communicator

 Image  By Brian Boyer
INMM Communicator Editor

Here at Los Alamos we are recovering from drought and a hot and smoky summer that included the Las Conchas Fire, and rain and cool weather.  For us, the INMM Annual Meeting was a nice break from natural disasters. 

The meeting in Palm Desert was anything but a disaster as it was one of the biggest INMM meetings ever. It included some great speakers and talks.  It started with opening plenary speaker Herman Nackaerts, Deputy Director General of Safeguards at the IAEA, who heads the Safeguards Department of the IAEA in Vienna. The closing plenary ended the meeting with a nice panel discussion on nuclear security. 

Herman Nackaerts answers questions while INMM President Scott Vance looks on.

We would like to congratulate the student paper winner Steve Skutnik of North Carolina State University (NCSU), who finished his Ph.D. after the Annual Meeting and topped off his graduate experience by winning the contest.  Marcie Lombardi of the University of New Mexico took second.  Marcie is doing her thesis research at Los Alamos so she is no stranger to me.  North Carolina State University swept the field by David Addington’s win in the poster competition. 

 We hope that NCSU continues its participation in the annual meeting and the North Carolina State University Triangle-areas Universities Student Chapter of which Steve Skutnik was the president continues to flourish. Unfortunately, all three winners left prior to the award ceremony at the closing plenary so we cannot show a picture of the ebullient prize takers.  However, Skutnik graciously gave us a brief summary of his paper and his future plans. All of the student papers will appear in the fall issue of the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management.

INMM President Scott Vance and INMM Vice President Ken Sorenson flank the
Closing Plenary Panel of Lawrence Kokajko, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
Christopher Price, UK Office for Nuclear Security, George Moore, IAEA, and Anita Nilsson, AN & Associates.

Once again we have a mix of contributions this issue from our technical divisions and students and young professionals. We have three pieces on student and young professional activities.  Three young INMM members, Kim Gilligan (ORNL), Jay Disser (BNL) and Adrienne La Fleur (LANL), participated in the World Nuclear University in England this summer with their participation funded by DOE/NNSA as part of the Next Generation Safeguards Initiative.  Jay Disser has provided us with a summary of his summer there.

Chantell Murphy of LANL, who is pursuing her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the University of New Mexico on her nights and weekends, attended the Monterey Institute of International Studies/ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory one-week International Safeguards course in Monterey, Calif., and the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation’s (IGCC) Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (PPNT) 2011 Summer Training Workshop at the University of California Sand Diego campus at La Jolla, Calif.  She has provided us a synopsis of her California adventures.

And as promised above, we also caught up with J. D. Williams Student Paper Award winner Dr. Steve Skutnik (newly a Ph.D. after his defense in August) formerly of North Carolina State University and now of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He gives us a glimpse at this award winning research.

We also have features on the two of our technical divisions from Cary Crawford, chair of the Materials Control & Accountability (MC&A) Technical Division, and Larry Satkowiak, chair of the Nonproliferation and Arms Control (NAC) Technical Division, describing their divisions’ activities.

INMM President Scott Vance and INMM Vice President Ken Sorenson
flank Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award winner Kaoru Naito

You will also find articles on the 40th Anniversary of JNMM, the newly revived Spent Fuel Seminar, and big changes involving the INMM Annual Meeting Proceedings.

I always like to recap some of the winners of some of the Institute’s highest honors awarded at the banquet. INMM awarded three members with the rank of Fellow this year. Alexander Izmailov of Eleron in Russia, Nancy Jo Nicholas of  Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Larry Satkowiak of Oak Ridge National Laboratory deserve kudos for their service to the INMM and the field of nuclear material management.  Kaoru Naito of the Japan, a graduate of both the University of Tokyo and the University of Michigan, received the Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award for this long and hallowed career in safeguards in Japan, in Vienna at the IAEA, and representing Japan as a member of SAGSI (Standing Advisory Group for Safeguards Implementation), an advisory body to the Director General of the IAEA, for some nine years. Charlie Pietri received the first Charles E. Pietri Service Award.  Those of us who work on the technical program know that Charlie give a lot of himself to make the meeting happen each summer.

New Fellows Alexander Izmailov, Nancy Jo Nicholas, and Larry Satkowiak

I would also like to add that the INMM honored the following members who passed away in the last year – Don Six, Darryl Jackson, Steve Dupree, and Donnie Glidewell.


Dave Lambert rocks!

I would also like to conclude the report on the banquet with the above photo of Dave Lambert leading the first time experiment with karaoke combined with dancing.  I think the phrase “no comment” suffices for Dave’s photograph.

As in every issue of the Communicator, we have news about the Institute’s internal operations in a column by INMM Vice President Ken Sorenson, Inside Insights. We also have a short piece on the INMM elections and the new Executive Committee members.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any items you would like to have in the Communicator, please forward them to me. We are the Communications Committee!

Spreading the news of what is and what goes on in our profession is our mission!

Of course, the Communications Committee is still looking for volunteers: drop me a line at

Our members should be planning ahead for July 2012 and the 53rd Annual Meeting.  We are pulling together the Technical Program Committee.  Any new volunteers for the TPC should contact Charlie Pietri at We are always looking for new insights and ideas for the annual meeting.  I am looking forward to going back to Orlando, Fla., USA, where we are having our meeting.  Seaworld is next door and all the other amusement parks are a short distance away.  My family took advantage of the proximity of Orlando to the Kennedy Space Center to visit this historic spot and nature preserve.  Despite the heat and humidity of July our meetings in Florida have been a “blast.”

In closing we would like to welcome Shirley Johnson and Mona Dreicer to the Executive Committee and thank Mike Whitaker and Cory Hinderstein for their service to the EC.  I’d also like to thank Steve Ward for his photography at Palm Desert, which we used in this piece.