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Welcome to the October 2012 Communicator

 Image  By Brian Boyer
INMM Communicator Editor

It's fall in Los Alamos and I've been slow to get the Communicator out.  Rain and yellow aspens have cooled us off from a hot but fireless summer. INMM had a great meeting in Orlando, FL despite the fact that many of the usual U.S. participants were limited from coming to the meeting.  Nevertheless, our smaller but very exciting meeting was worth the visit to a very hot and humid Florida. Our special opening plenary on Post-Fukushima Challenges in Safeguards and Security with panel members from Japan, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the INMM Executive Committee and the U.S. Department of Energy was an excellent start for the week. 


James Conner (DOE), Kaoru Naito (Japan, NMCC) and Takeshi Ohta (Japan, TEPCO) in the opening plenary

We also had an excellent closing plenary with Joyce Connery from the White House (National Security Council), Tony Pietrangelo (NEI), and Melissa Mann (URENCO) discussing the key fuel cycle issues.  Connery talked about the balance of safety versus security, Pietrangelo talked about the U.S. industry response to Fukushima, and Mann talked the enrichment challenges in the fuel cycle.

As always, noteworthy INMM members were raised to the level of Fellow. I have had the privilege of working with most of these people in the last 15 years.


Jaime Vidaurre-Henry (l) receives congratulations from David Hatt of the IAEA on being named an INMM Fellow

Jaime Vidaurre-Henry was one of the new fellows.  He is retired from the IAEA where he worked in numerous capacities as an inspector in safeguards, being the president of the INMM Vienna Chapter, and heading the training section when I arrived in 1997.


New INMM Fellow Shirley Johnson (l) and Kauru Naito (r ) receive congratulations from Laura Rockwood (winner of a Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award) and a long-time Fellow Tom Shea.

I worked at the IAEA during the time new Fellow Shirley Johnson was working hard to get safeguards put together at Rokkasho. She has vast experience in the nuclear field in reprocessing and since retiring from the IAEA has not rested much at her ranch in Montana providing consulting to DOE.  Kauru Naito is another former IAEA staff who was a director during his time at the IAEA and heads the NMCC in Japan now.  It is always a privilege to work with him.


New INMM Fellows Shirley Cox (l) and Cathy Key (r ), who unfortunately was not able to be at the banquet

Shirley Cox is the chair of the new Facility Operations Technical Division and the Central Chapter of the INMM and also a new Fellow.  Former INMM President Cathy Key was the final new Fellow for 2012.


Previous President Steve Ortiz, Vice-President Ken Sorenson, and President Scott Vance at the Executive Committee Meeting

I would like to take a minute and thank our governing officers who are about to change off this fall.  Scott Vance has finished his term as president and Steve Ortiz has finished his term as Immediate Past President.  Ken Sorenson has moved up from VP to President.  We thank them all and wish Ken luck for the next two years. Let’s hope he can get the U.S. government to realize what an asset INMM is and give our meetings the support they deserve! We would also like to thank Teressa McKinney and Sara Pozzi for their service to the EC and winning the Edway R. Johnson Meritorious Service Award. We also congratulate Yvonne Ferris and JNMM Technical Editor Dennis Mangan for winning the Charles E. Pietri Special Service Award.


Phyllis Ko of Penn State explains her winning poster to Rian Bahran of RPI

We would like to congratulate the student paper winners – 1st James Armstrong of the University of Texas and 2nd Eric Miller of the University of Michigan.  Phyllis Ko of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) won in the poster competition. All of the student papers will appear in the fall issue of the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management.

Once again we have a mix of contributions this issue from our technical divisions.

You will also find articles on the 2013 Spent Fuel Seminar and PATRAM 2013. 

I would also like to add that the INMM honored the following members who passed away in the last year – Trond Bjornard, Allan Leibowitz, Jim Stewart, Denny Weier, and our beloved Charles Pietri. 


Charles Pietri – We miss him!

We also have features on the two of our technical divisions from Cary Crawford, chair of the Materials Control & Accountability (MC&A) Technical Division, and Larry Satkowiak, chair of the Nonproliferation and Arms Control (NAC) Technical Division, describing their divisions’ activities.  As in every issue of the Communicator, we have news about the Institute’s internal operations in a column by INMM President Ken Sorenson, Inside Insights. Traditionally, Inside Insights is written by the INMM vice president and Ken wrote this issue's column before he took over as president. Our thanks to Ken for the excellent work he's done the last two years. And we look forward to Larry's first Inside Insight column in the next issue of the Communicator.

We also have the Member News on membership at the INMM and an article on the Annual Meeting.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any items you would like to have in the Communicator, please forward them to me. We are the Communications Committee!

Spreading the news of what is and what goes on in our profession is our mission!

Of course, the Communications Committee is still looking for volunteers: drop me a line at members should be planning ahead for July 2013 and the 54th Annual Meeting back at Palm Desert, CA.