Awards and Recognition

Congratulations 2016 INMM Award Recipients

INMM Awards Program

Each year the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management recognizes the hard work and success achieved by nuclear materials management professionals through the following awards.

The Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award (DSA), named for the Institute’s long- time Secretary, recognizes individuals who have made long-term, noteworthy contributions to the nuclear materials management profession.  Eligible candidates are not required to be INMM members, but are expected to be internationally recognized for their contributions to nuclear materials management.

The Edway R. Johnson Meritorious Service Award (MSA), named for a former INMM President and Technical Division Chair, recognizes individuals who have provided long-term, outstanding service to the Institute, as well as made noteworthy contributions to the nuclear materials management profession.  Eligible candidates are required to be members in good standing of the Institute.

The Charles E. Pietri Special Service Award (SSA), named for the long-time Chair of the Technical Program Committee, recognizes individuals or organizations who have made a specific, noteworthy contribution to the Institute.  The award can also be given to an organization that has advanced the knowledge and effectiveness of the nuclear materials management field. The eligible organization does not have to be a Sustaining Member of the Institute in order to be considered, however, eligible individual candidates are required to be active members in good standing of the Institute. 

The Early Career Award recognizes members of the INMM who are 35 years of age or younger (as of the date of the nomination deadline) and who have made a singular outstanding achievement or a series of notable achievements in an area of nuclear materials management relevant to the Institute and its technical divisions.  Candidate’s notable achievement must not be related to work performed in pursuit of an academic degree. In the case of a series of achievements, work related to a degree may be considered. The notable achievement or series of achievements must be accomplished by the nominee while a member of the Institute. The nominee must be the sole or main contributor to the notable achievement. Candidates must not have already been a recipient of the Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award or the Edway R. Johnson Meritorious Service Award. Eligible candidates are required to be active members in good standing of the Institute.

Nomination Guidelines

To be considered for an award, individuals must be nominated by their peers. The nomination is submitted to the INMM Awards Committee for its recommendation and then to the INMM Executive Committee for approval. To nominate a candidate for any INMM award, please use this nomination form and provide the following materials:

  • Name of the award for which the individual or institution is being nominated.
  • Name and address of the nominee, including title if nominee is a person, or former title if the individual is retired.
  • Name, address and phone number of nominee’s company or organization.
  • Recent resume of individual nominee or history of institutional nominee.
  • Supporting information for eligibility. See specific nomination guidelines. Nominations should summarize the individual’s or institution’s accomplishments and contributions.
  • One sentence statement describing the specific contribution for which the award should be conveyed.
  • A minimum of five separate letters of support from peers representing the breadth of the nuclear materials management community or the related technical division.
  • Name, company, address, telephone, email address and fax number of the individual to contact about the nomination. This information is very important as the subcommittee may need to contact the nominator to request additional information.

Resolutions of Respect

In addition to the various awards provided by INMM, the Institute recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the Institute and have passed since the prior Annual Meeting with Resolutions of Respect. Candidates for this honor are required to have been active members in good standing of the Institute. For more information about this honor or to make a nomination email

Awards Oversight Committee

Susan Pepper, Chair
Joseph P. Indusi, Chair, DSA/MSA Recognition Subcommittee
Arden Dougan, Chair, Special Recognition and Service Awards Subcommittee
Obie P. Amacker
Shirley Johnson
Dennis L. Mangan
Joseph Rivers
Jason Roback

Past Recipients

Vincent J. DeVito Distinguished Service Award

This award, previously known as the Distinguished Service Award, was renamed in honor of long-time INMM Secretary Vincent J. DeVito, in 2009.

2016 Jacques Gilbert Baute, Paul E. Ebel, Roger Howsley, and Dennis L. Mangan
2015 Yung Y. Liu and Michael D. Rosenthal
2014 Joseph Pilat
2012 Laura Rockwood
2011 Kaoru Naito
2010 Donnie D. Glidewell, Jr. and William H. Hopwood, Jr.
2009                         Jill Cooley and Koji Ikawa

Distinguished Service Award

2008 John T. Mihalczo
2008 Bernd Richter
2008 Sen. Pete V. Domenici, Senator of New Mexico
2008 Howard O. Menlove
2007 International Atomic Energy Agency
2007 Thomas Edward Shea
2005 Ronald C. Cherry
2004 Myron Kratzer
2003 Hiroyoshi Kurihara and Theodore Sherr
2002 John Carlson and Sergio Guardini
2001 Gotthard Stein
2000 Marc Cuypers and Hiromasa Nakano
1999 Frank Houck and Bruno Pellaud
1998 James A. Larrimore
1997 Tohru Haginoya and Richard Hooper
1996 Richard Schneider
1995 Kenneth Sanders
1994 Raymond J. Parsick
1993 Ralph Lumb and Cecil Sonnier
1992 JMitsuho Hirata
1991 Carleton Bingham and Fred Tingey
1990 Douglas George and John Jaech
1989 Leon Green and Art Waligura
1988 George W. Evans and Haruo Natsume
1987 E.R. Johnson and James D. Williams
1986 James W. Lee
1985 Dipak Gupta and James Jacobs
1984 Carl A. Bennett and Vincent J. DeVito
1983 IAEA Department of Safeguards
1982 G. Robert Keepin
1981 Roger M. Smith
1980 Louis Doher
1979 W.A. Higinbotham

Edway R. Johnson Meritorious Service Award  

This award, previously known as the Meritorious Service Award, was renamed in honor of Edway R. Johnson in 2010. Edway R. Johnson was a former INMM president and served as chair of the Waste Management Technical division for more than two decades.

2016                   J. Michael Whitaker
2015 Steve Bellamy
2014 Susan Pepper
2013 Glenda Ackerman, Brian Boyer, Paul Ebel, and James Larrimore
2012 Teressa McKinney, Sara Pozzi
2010    Edway Johnson              

Meritorious Service Award

2007 Stephen Mladineo
2006 Scott Vance
2004 Deborah Dickman
2003 Obie P. Amacker, Jr.
2000 Vincent DeVito
1998 James W. Tape
1996 Dennis Mangan
1995 Sheldon Kops, Takeshi Osabe and Charles Pietri
1994 John Arendt
1993 Robert U. Curl
1991 Yvonne M. Ferris
1989 Roy G. Cardwell
1988 William C. Myre
1987 Ray Gunnink
1984 Bernard Gessiness
1983 Duane A. Dunn and Edward Owings
1982 John H. Ellis and Ronald D. Smith
1980 Douglas E. George

 Charles E. Pietri Special Service Award

This award, previously known as the Special Service Award, was renamed in honor of Charles E. Pietri in 2011. Charles Pietri served as chair of the Technical Program Committee for more than 25 years.

2012                           Yvonne Ferris, Dennis Mangan
2011 Charles E. Pietri

Special Service Awards

2011                           World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Coordinating Committee
2011 The Brazillian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC)
2010 William S. Charlton
2008 International Safeguards Project Office, Brookhaven National Laboratory
2007 Shirley O. Cox
2006 Connie P. Hall
2006 Leroy (Lee) Leonard
2005 Norbert Ensslin, Special Service Award
2005 Jerry Johnson, Special Service Award
2004 James Tape, Special Service Award
2003 Russian Methodological and Training Center
1999 Aquila Technologies Group International
1997 Vincent J. DeVito - Career Service Award
1997 Sam McDowell - Career Service Award
1994 Nuclear Material Control Center of Japan
1990 Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. (PNC) of Japan
1982 E.R. Johnson Associates - In Appreciation
1978 Tri-State Motor Transit Company

 Early Career Award

2016               Katherine Bachner, Shaun Clarke, Adrienne LaFleur
2015 Louise Worrall
2014 Karen Miller
2013 Corey Hinderstein

Resolutions of Respect

2016                            Gary P. Kodman, Rosemarie N. Martyn
2015 Carl A. Bennett, Ruth Duggan, Jeffrey Jay
2014 Edward Kruyuchkov, Michael Lineberry
2013 Edway R. Johnson
2012 Trond Bjornard, Allan Leibowitz, Charlie Pietri, Jim Stewart, Denny Weier
2011 Stephen Dupree, Donnie Glidewell, Darryl Jackson, Don Six
2010 Frederick J. Schultz
2009 Vince DeVito, Barbara Hammond, Jerry Hickman, Nikolay Isaev, Sheldon Kops, Wilma Williams
2008 G. Robert Keepin, Jr., Herbert J. C. Kouts
2007 Greta Joy Dicus, Wayne Delmer Ruhter
2006 Tohru Haginoya, Richard A. Schneider, Fred H. Tingey
2005 Carl G. Ahlberg, James Russell Griggs, Lewis Hansen, Edward Kerr, James W. Lee, Lewis Calvin (Cal) Solem
2004 Cecil Sonnier, Hiroshi Kurihara, and Dale Moul
2003 Katsuyuki Higuchi, Hastings Smith, and James D. Williams
2002 John Arendt, Jeanne DeVito and Harley Toy
2001 Roy Cardwell and Paul Ek
2000 Louis W. Doher
1999 Priscilla Anne Dwyer, Vladimir F. Kossitsyn, Arthur John Martin Waligura
1998 George Kuzmycz, Robert J. Sorenson
1996 Kathie Mangan
1995 W. A. Higinbotham
1986 Livingston Ferris and Ella Werner