Annual Meeting Proceedings

The Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting are the official records of the papers presented at the INMM Annual Meeting each year. The complete searchable Archive is available online. INMM members and nonmembers can search the Online Proceedings Archive. INMM Members may download any paper at no charge, but nonmembers must pay to download papers.

Nonmembers and INMM sustaining members may purchase a one-year subscription to the Annual Meeting Proceedings, which provides unlimited access to the proceedings. Subscriptions expire one year from the date of purchase.

Members and meeting attendees:  Access the Online Proceedings Archive here.

Nonmembers can also search the Online Proceedings Archive but must pay to download papers.

Proceedings are available online only for INMM Meetings held since 2012. All proceedings are available in the archive.

The Proceedings from 2011 and earlier may be purchased on CD for $200 each. Order online or submit a completed proceedings order form to INMM headquarters. Forms may be faxed to 847-686-2253.

Copyright Information
All publications of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, including but not limited to the Journal of Nuclear Material Management (JNMM), the Proceeding of the INMM Annual Meeting, and the INMM Communicator, are copyrighted and shall not be used or reproduced, in whole or part, in other publications without written permission of the Institute.  Requests for release from INMM copyright restrictions should be sent to:

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