INMM Call for Abstracts Now Closed

Abstract submission closed February 1, 2017. Thank you to all who participated.

What Happens Next?
The INMM Annual Meeting Technical Program Committee met February 28 in Austin, Texas, to review all the abstract submissions. Notifications about selected abstracts have been emailed. If you did not receive this email or have questions about INMM’s call for abstracts or the annual meeting, email

If your paper was accepted:

  • Read the information and directions in the acceptance letter and the accompanying Speakers’ Manual or Poster Presenter Manual, which will be sent to speakers and presenters via email in late April 2017.
  • You are required to submit a full written paper by June 9, 2017, to be published in the online Proceedings of the Annual Meeting.
  • Requests for extensions for submitting your final paper past the June 9, 2017, deadline will not be accepted.

It is critical to the success of the Annual Meeting Program that all papers are submitted on time. All final papers will be published in the online Annual Meeting Proceedings and must be submitted by June 9, 2017. 

Submitting Final Written Papers
Final papers must be submitted via the INMM Abstract Submission Website by June 9, 2017. Panel discussion summaries must be submitted to INMM Headquarters no later than August 31, 2017. See the Speakers’ Manual for details on how to submit a final written paper.

Final papers must have a file size no larger than 10 full, single-spaced, single column pages (including charts and photos). Authors of papers will be charged a fee of $200 USD per page for each additional page after 10 pages. INMM does not charge for publishing final papers in the online Proceedings that are no more than 10 pages long.

Promotion of Commercial Products
Vendors, laboratories and others promoting the sale of instruments, apparatus, equipment, software, processes and capabilities are required to present or exhibit their commercial products separately from the oral and poster presentation sessions. Only the results of nuclear materials management research may be presented in the oral and poster sessions. Vendors and others wishing to exhibit their commercial products should request an Exhibitor Prospectus from INMM Headquarters (

Here’s what a few of our 2016 attendees had to say about the INMM Annual Meeting:
  • It’s an excellent forum for the presentation of accomplishments.
  • An incredible collection of relevant presentations, posters and exhibitions.
  • A great opportunity to present your work.
  • Best smorgasbord of nuclear material management presentations available
  • A great opportunity to meet U.S. and international technical colleagues and
    get up to date on new ideas and developments.
  • It’s the only real technical conference for safeguards and nonproliferation
    in the world. It is the only real opportunity to get the entire world together for
    networking in the context of nonproliferation for technical specialists who
    open to realistic.

Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Presenting authors are required to notify INMM Headquarters by May 23, 2017, of presentation withdrawals and speaker changes. Changes to presentations or speakers not reported by May 23 will not be published in the meeting program.
  • Speakers should present concise information, focus on ideas, concepts and the impact of the work, and emphasize points, results and conclusions.
  • Graphics should be logical and easily readable by the audience.

Oral Presentations

  • Each presentation is allotted 20 minutes, which includes the introduction.
  • Session chairs will assure that each presentation begins at the scheduled time. Speakers should prepare to speak for approximately 15 minutes with an additional five minutes for questions. In no case shall the total time exceed 20 minutes. Speakers must adhere to this policy for the benefit of meeting participants who wish to attend presentations in other scheduled sessions. Speakers who exceed the time allotted will be curtailed.
  • Each meeting room will be equipped with an LCD projector for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Extensive details, complex graphics and lengthy discussions and explanations should be included in the written paper, not the oral
  • Authors must agree that their papers are accepted for oral presentation contingent upon providing a written paper by June 9, 2017.
  • If your abstract is selected for presentation, a speakers’ manual and formal acceptance letter will be sent in April 2017.

Poster Presentation

  • Each poster presenter must be in attendance from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on the poster presentation day.
  • Posters cannot be set up with the intent that there will be no presenter – only a “viewing” for the audience.
  • Note that it is acceptable to have someone present, other than the presenter, who is knowledgeable of the content of the presentation.
  • IMPORTANT: Posters that do not have the presenter or someone knowledgeable of the content of the poster present during the poster session will not be included in the online Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting.
  • A Poster Presenters’ Manual and a formal acceptance letter will be sent in April 2017 if your abstract is selected for a poster presentation.
  • Scheduled Poster Presenters who “no-show” cost INMM money in blank boards in the presentation area. If your plans change and you cannot present your poster, withdraw your abstract by May 23, 2017.
  • Authors must agree that their papers are accepted for poster presentation contingent upon providing a written paper by June 9, 2017.

Interpreters: What You Can Expect
The official language of the conference is English. It is preferred that all presentations be delivered in English. If this is not possible, and you need to use an interpreter, you must notify INMM Headquarters by June 9, 2017, so arrangements can be made. Serious scheduling problems may arise for presenters using interpreters. The use of interpreters with speakers can add significant time to the presentation. Furthermore, private concurrent translation in the meeting room may create a distraction for the other attendees.

Special Sessions at the Annual Meeting
If you are organizing a special session, your abstract MUST have been submitted and you MUST have consulted an INMM Technical Division chair and the chair of the INMM Technical Program Committee prior to February 1, 2017. If your proposal is accepted, your attendance is required at the Technical Program Committee review meeting February 28 to evaluate the papers in your proposed session along with the other submitted papers. You may send a knowledgeable surrogate if you are unavailable for this review meeting but someone affiliated with the special session must attend this meeting. Special Sessions must follow all of the requirements of the Annual Meeting process. It is important that the organizer maintain frequent contact with INMM Headquarters staff regarding any questions or potential changes in the program, especially during the months prior to the Annual Meeting.

What You Can Expect from INMM

  • Acceptance/Rejection emails were sent in April 2017. All submitters were contacted by email. If you do not receive an email, email to ensure your email was not blocked by your server.
  • Presenting authors of accepted abstracts will receive session information and a speakers’ manual by email with detailed information for presenting their papers or posters and guidelines for the preparation of the final paper in April 2017. The presenting author is responsible for updating co-authors of presentation details and informing INMM Headquarters immediately of any changes to their presentation.
  • A Preliminary Program with a tentative agenda and other meeting information will be available in April 2017.
  • A Meeting Program containing the meeting schedule and paper presentation times will be available at the Annual Meeting.
  • Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting will be available at the time the Annual Meeting begins. In order to have your paper included in the online Proceedings by that time, it must be submitted by the deadline of June 9, 2017. Any papers submitted after the deadline will be uploaded to the Proceedings after the Annual Meeting, later in the fall of 2017.

The INMM Annual Meeting is your best opportunity to share your work with your colleagues from around the world. More than 700 attendees from 29 countries saw more than 400 oral and poster presentations during the 2016 Annual Meeting.