Image40 years of the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management

For 40 years, the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management has served the members of INMM and the nuclear materials management profession by providing a forum for the publication of important papers in the field. This in turn has helped increase the knowledge base of the profession, given a vehicle for papers to be published, and strengthened the community of professionals in the field.

In the “The Chairman Speaks” column in the first issue of JNMM, Jim Lovett, chair of INMM, wrote:

“We expect (the Journal) to provide a mechanism for the publication of technical information which for one reason or another was not presented at the annual meeting. In short, we expect it to answer the question of why one should belong to the INMM if he can attend the meetings…”

He closed with a request for paper submissionsand reminded readers that, “A journal can only be as good as the material it receives.” That sentiment holds true today. The Journal still is dependent on voluntary submissions to keep it vibrant and strong. Learn how to submit a paper to the JNMM. 

Featured Articles

The JNMM Editorial Staff has selected significant articles from JNMM's four decades.

From Vol. 24, No. 2 (Winter 1996):

Remote Monitoring in International Safeguards
Stephen A. Dupree, Cecil S. Sonnier, and Charles S. Johnson
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

From Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring 1976)

The LASL — U.S. ERDA Nondestructive Assay Training Program 
R. H. Augustson, T. D. Reilly, and T. R. Canada
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico USA

From Vol. 30, No. 3 (Spring 2002)

The Need for Nuclear Energy -- Four Years After the Harvard Speech America's Energy Challenge -- The Nuclear Answer
U. S. Senator Pete Domenici

Journal Technical Editors

Editor Name Dates
Curt Chezem 1972-1974
William Higinbotham 1974-1994
Darryl Smith 1994-1997
Dennis Mangan 1997-present

Journal History

The first Journal of Nuclear Materials Management was published in 1972 at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, with Dr. Curt Chezem as editor and Thomas Gerdis as managing editor. 

In the first issue of JNMM


The subscription price was established at $15 for three issues and the annual meeting proceedings. Members, of course, received the Journal and proceedings as part of their membership.

The initial issue was 16 pages and contained two technical papers.

In July 1974, Chezem left Kansas State and Gerdis became editor and Willie Higinbotham became technical editor. Gerdis left INMM in summer 1980 to take a public affairs position with U. S. Ecology of Louisville, Ky.

On Oct. 1, 1981, the association management firm of Messervey and Co. took over the administration of the INMM, including publishing the Journal. The Sherwood Group succeeded Messervey and has been INMM’s management company since the early 1980s. The managing editors of the Journal since that time have been full-time employees at INMM headquarters. They manage the production, editing, and publishing of the Journal, as well as advertising sales. One of their most important roles is the management of the peer-review process.

ImageWilliam A. Higinbotham was technical editor  for 20 years, until his death in fall 1994. Read the obituary published in the February 1995 issue of JNMM.

After Higinbotham's deadth, Darryl Smith took over the position. He left in 1997 and Dennis Mangan has been technical editor since that time.

Stephen Dupree worked as assistant technical editor and managed the peer review process until his death in 2010. Read his obituary from the Fall 2010 issue of JNMM.  

Assistant technical editors of the Journal coordinate the peer-review process. They are instrumental in the management of the Journal.

Markku Koskelo took on the role of assistant technical editor in 2010. He is currently serving in that role.